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FAQ-Frequently Asked Question

  • Do you have handicapped parking? 

    • Yes, we do!​ When you pull in from the highway, veer left, and pull around to the back of the building, and you will see the parking spots. If there is not a spot pull under the awning and signal an usher for further assistance! 

  • What is the appropriate dress attire?​

    •  ​Casual. Come as you are!

  • Do you have a van route? 

    • We currently do not have a van route. Our van is currently out of commission. 

  • Can your tithes be paid with credit cards? 

    • Yes! We offer to pay through our websites (click here), and inside the church (please see a deacon or ask an usher).​ Here is a list of leaders in the church!(click here)

  • Do you have a nursery? 

    • Yes! It is right of the main entrance to the sanctuary. ​You will be able to hear the service if you choose. 

  • Do you have a children's church? 

    • Yes! We offer one class Sunday Morning for Pre-K. Wednesdays we offer two classes: Pre-K and Elementary Students

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